Style Wars - eCommerce Manager vs Online Content Coordinator

We usually play nice here at Katies, but sometimes the work place calls for a little excitement! We've pitted our lovely eCommerce Manager Sarah and our equally fabulous Online Content Coordinator Jodie against one another in a little thing we've dubbed Style Wars.

They were asked to style our one-of-a-kind leopard print knit and white work shirt THEIR way and we want you to vote on our Facebook page! Who do you think got it right?

Sarah our eCommerce Manager OR Jodie our Online Content Coordinator?

We also asked them a little bit about themselves and what a work day involves for them, you can read their interviews below!

Hi Sarah,
You’re the E-commerce Manager for Katies, what exactly does that entail?

It means I get to work in the fabulous world of digital! The eCommerce team are responsible for everything you see online on the site and on our social channels, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Blog. I like online because it gives us a few more channels to be a little creative, which makes each day a bit more fun for the team.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

The challenge - eCommerce is fast paced and growing, which I thrive on. I also love having instant conversations with our customer and being able to share what we love at Katies with her, through our blog, Instagram and Pinterest.

What excites you the most about online?

Everything – it’s fast paced, full of information and there is something new to discover every day. It’s a great time filler for browsing my fave brands and reading up on what’s happening around the world in all areas, from fashion, food to general news.

Apart from Katies (obviously) where else do you shop online?

ASOS is a fave of mine and I love local retailers like Saba and Witchery. I also like to read various international and local blogs, who often link directly to product that I like, making it easy to shop.

I always love what you wear, can you tell us about your style?

I’m a mixed bag – I dress to my mood! I veer toward casual dressing more on a daily basis (tee, jeans, sneaker wedge and a nice accessory to glam it up) as I choose comfort, but when I do dress up for a function/party, I go all out.

What are you looking forward to most about dressing for the colder months and what won’t you be able to live without?

The Coatigan – I’m loving the European trend and Katies has their own version reaching stores in the next couple of months. The perfect coat hybrid for an Australian winter!

Hi Jodie
You’re the Online Content Coordinator for Katies, what does your day usually involve?

I organise web photoshoots, scheduling vendors (Hair & makeup, model & photographer), sourcing samples and creative direction with which I generate product & campaign copy. I also closely monitoring competitor activity instore & online to ensure our strategy is ahead of the curve.

How did you get into the industry?

I got into the industry by interning part time while I was at university. I think it is very important for students to obtain exposure to the industry they wish to pursue a career in while they are studying, not only to get first hand insight but also make sure it is the right fit. It’s also a great way to get your foot in the door!

Which Blogs do you go to for inspiration?

My all-time favourite traditional blog is Aussie duo – Tash & Elle for TheyAllHateUs – a mix of fashion, lifestyle & beauty. Blogs aside, I love using instagram – it’s a social media platform revolutionising blogs and online shopping! Reader be warned – it's addictive

You always look great, what clothing item could you not live without?

Everyone in the office is fully aware of my obsession for sequins so I would have to say one of my Aje sequin skirts.

What is a styling faux-pas you’ve made and regretted?

I have made a few style blunders but I would have to say the huge hooped earrings I used to sport take the cake!

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