GUEST EDIT: Affordable Family Activities with My Mummy Daze

I love enjoying weekend activities with my kids. Every Sunday we reserve the day exclusively for family fun. It's a day free of housework, commitments and most certainly irritating statements like 

"I'm BORED!"

We call it “Sunday Fun-day” and we look forward to it all week.

Typically we explore the amazing beaches, bike tracks and bushwalks that surround our region. The goal is always to have fun together and simply enjoy the great outdoors.

We're all about making memories with our kids and enjoying them while they still actually like us!

[Here’s some photos of a late afternoon scooting adventure we enjoyed on our bike track. Watching the sun set behind the escarpment and seeing the ocean change into a silky black was beautiful.]

Family activities together don't need to break the bank.

Here’s six family activities you can introduce to your kids that don’t cost the earth, and will get you all enjoying some laughs and making memories together.

Walk, scoot or ride along your local bike track. 
Exercising together is fun, healthy and let's you breathe-in some fresh air. Better yet; it’s completely free. If your kids aren’t keen to get moving, the promise of a playground at the end of the ride is always a worthwhile reward. Enjoying the sunshine as you ride is wonderful, and it’s great to see your kids’ faces glow as you share a fun activity together.

Explore the beach foreshore
Australia is surrounded by amazing beaches and our coastline has impressive landmarks and features to explore. A simple wander along the tideline at low tide can become a treasure hunt as your kids find shells, seaweed, and other lost treasures washed-up from the sea. A lot of our beaches also have stunning rock platforms with rock-pools hiding sea creatures just waiting to be admired by young eyes. Searching for sea urchins, anemones, starfish and periwinkles brings squeals of delight. Just watch out for octopus and stingers!

Picnic lunch in a local national park
Pack some drink bottles, sandwiches, snacks and a picnic blanket and visit the National Parks & Wildlife Service website to find your nearest national park. There’s loads to choose from and can be easily accessed by car. A quiet afternoon picnicking under a gum tree or next to a bubbling creek is a wonderful experience that kids love. They might even spot a wombat or a wallaby.

Adventure along a local bush track 
The Aussie bush is a beautiful, serene place to breathe-in the Eucalypts and enjoy peace and quiet. Have a look online at the recommended, family-friendly bushwalks in your area. Some beautiful bush tracks are not too far from the city and can take you to breath-taking lookouts, waterfalls, pristine creeks and waterholes. There’s some amazing national parks just waiting to be explored.

Taking a simple hand reel or amateur fishing rod to a nearby lake or beach can be lots of fun. The reward of your children catching their first fish is worth the wait. The memories they will treasure will last a lifetime too. Just think of the BBQs you can enjoy with your fresh, hand-caught fish.

Drive to an ice cream shop. 
Let’s face it. Sometimes you just don’t feel like being active. But you can still enjoy family time together with a good, old-fashioned Sunday drive. Cruising down a tourist route with the promise of an ice cream for everyone is sure to get everyone smiling. \ Turn the radio off and say no to any screentime to just enjoy connecting with each other as you travel. Playing old-school car games like Eye Spy and Word Association can be silly, but fun. Or play “High-Low” and take turns sharing your week’s high and low moments.

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