Guest Edit: What To Pack For A Summer Getaway - Jacquii From Couture Caddy

This year's cold winter has finally pass, we're already dreaming of sandy beaches, crystal clear waves and sunset cocktails on balmy summer nights. Through my site I am fortunate enough to travel for work, that means I've had much trial and error practice to master the art of smart packing. My suitcase has to not only fit my many outfits for fashion week shows, parties and meetings, but also have some pieces to wear for those much-needed days off. I admit I've had holidays where half the suitcase didn't even make it out of the bag and although it's a constant battle, here are some of my light packing tips for a tropical getaway. 

I always bring a favourite pair of comfy pants for plane travelling and if gets chilly at night or even for those
non-beach days shopping or touring. This sleek black Katies pair is perfect, its light enough for the tropical weather and can be worn dressed up with heels or dressed down with a tee shirt and flats - it's all about multi-tasking.

Dresses are my idea of perfect packing, they can serve as a great cover up on the beach or add a belt
and heels for cocktails with the girls. Katies has great dress options that don't take up much room and are
not only comfortable but bright which is what summer holidays are all about.

Now for the beach bring two pairs of swimmers - you know you're gonna need it! One can be drying in the 
hotel room whilst the other is by the pool. Keep sun safe with a light hat, sunglasses and some sweet 
Havaianas or an essential pair of waterproof sandals. 

Bags are simple, embellished iPad cases or pouches can double as clutches for the evening and pack flat.
Plus if you plan it right your airplane bag can also double as your beach bag. It's win win, you can't lose.

Now for some beauty and the beach! Always have plenty of sunscreen for that hot holiday sun, a really good face and body moisturiser - between planes and the beach your skin will be screaming for it, lip balm - I live by my paw paw gel plus a few make up essentials that can cover both day and night. Remember to keep it minimal, you'll most likely be barefaced with that gorgeous unplanned wavy beach hair we all strive to achieve.

So be sure to drop by Katies to pick up some summer holiday essentials, bon voyage!

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