Spend your weekend getting to know Cheri

Hi Cheri, let’s start by hearing a little about yourself…

I'm an advertising art director by day. I’m hopelessly addicted to smoked salmon. Can’t say no to a cup of English breakfast tea. Love nothing more than the sound of rain on a tin roof. Always fighting off my kitty, Ninja.

Mad about SilverFox. Love my Mum. Love hotels, particularly the five star kind! Private butler? I wouldn’t say no. Nuts about anything coconutty. On massive journey to taste the glorious buffet that is the world, sans guy who takes the last piece of cake.

How did Ms Critique come about?

I had one of those killer days at work. You know, the type where you just want to throw in the towel and just do something different?
Something exciting! Something new! I was feeling a bit depressed and was pondering the future over a glass of wine, when I asked SilverFox (my partner in crime) what I was good at it. He very cheekily replied that 'I was good at giving my opinion' (Even when it's not wanted!) Then he told me I should start a blog and record it all. At first, I kinda brushed him off and thanked him for his 'help' but a few glasses of wine later, MsCritique.com didn't sound like such a bad idea!

What is the story behind your blog’s title?

I love fads. If it's new, then I have to try it. I've always been that way. That's not to say if something is good, I'll abandon it for something else.

I've just always been one of those people to jump on bandwagons! MsCritique gives me the carte blanche to do just that. I can't tell you how many times
I've pressed 'add to cart' and justified it by telling myself 'it's for the blog!'

If you could raid any one’s wardrobe – who would it be and why?

I love Solange Knowles (the less popular sister, but now famous thanks to that security footage). I just love Solange because she rocks everything she wears. Every look is completely different but there's one thing she does really well; colour!

She's not one to shy away from a bright pop of colour (or even a fight with her brother-in-law)  and I just love that all or nothing attitude. (Well not the fisticuffs part!)

Do you ever have that girly moment when you simply think ‘’I have nothing to wear?’’

Absolutely! I can't tell you how many times, I've pulled apart my whole wardrobe and still felt like I have nothing to wear. I think I'm getting better the older I get. I'm more adventurous now, but also sensible with how I spend my money.
I like to buy a few staple pieces that I'll get a few years out of, but then I refresh my look with some affordable trend pieces too. I'm definitely more interested in quality too, whereas in the past, it was all about quantity.

If you could give our readers one bit of fashion advice what would it be?

Forget the 'rules' I say and wear what you like—when you like, if it makes you feel good. Sequins during the day? YES! Head-to-toe pink? WHY NOT! Harem pants even though you're not a genie! GO FOR IT!

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