GUEST EDIT / Creating A Messy Side Bun With Paul Bedggood

Creating a messy side bun 

Step 1 /

This is another easy look to create from the side pony we created a few months back.

Step 2 /

Bunch the ponytail up with one hand loosely to create bulk and a natural
messy shape, keep those fingers in place.

Then with your other hand place booby pins where your fingers are holding
the bun in place. This will anchor the hair in place.

Step 3 /

Once you’ve done that release your holding hand and observe the shape and add more
pins where needed to give extra support and tweak the shape.

Step 4 /

Then of course give a good spray with hair to hold your style. This look you can take anywhere and accessorise with your favourite such as hats , fascinators , flowers or clips.

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