Your go-to guide for garment care

Whether its cotton, denim or viscose, the fabrics in your wardrobe need specific care. We’ve put together a simple guide to help ensure the long life of your Katies garments. Don’t forget to always read the label for specific care instructions!

1/ Viscose Ghost

Soft and lightweight with an attractive drape,Viscose ghost is a favourite fabric for summer. As it’s a delicate fabric, it should be hand washed in cold water or put on a cool gentle machine cycle. Be sure to line dry and not in the dryer! Viscose fabric can wrinkle easily, steam iron on a low setting to help the garment return to its original shape. Always iron inside out and place a cloth in between the iron and clothing to protect the garment.

2/ Polyester

Low maintenance and lightweight, Polyester can be washed on a gentle machine cycle or by hand. This fabric usually doesn’t require ironing, but you can use an iron on a cool setting if need be.

3/ Cotton

Cotton is an easy to care for and durable fabric that’s perfect for machine washing. To easily remove wrinkles and creases, iron garments slightly damp with a hot iron. Line dry or tumble dry on a low setting. If you need to bleach your white cotton garments, it is safe to wash on a hot water setting but always check the garment label for care instructions. Avoid using bleach if a finish has been applied to the garment. To keep your cotton fabrics crisp you can add a spray starch.

4/ Rayon

A great easy-wearing fabric, rayon does not build up static electricity, nor will it pill, hand washing in cold water & line drying is recommended as fibres can become delicate when wet. Hang to dry and do not squeeze or wring. Be sure to steam iron all rayon inside out to prevent it from shining. Use low heat and press it while it is slightly damp to ease the wrinkles out and help return garment to its original shape. 

5/ Denim

To help preserve the colour of your jeans, avoid washing them too often. To keep them fresh in between washes, put your jeans outside in the fresh air to let them breathe or try putting them in the freezer overnight; this kills most bacteria. Wash inside out in cold water and only with a mild detergent. Avoid putting your jeans in a dryer if you can help it. Heat will increase the shrinkage.

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