Katies x Trimfit Bodies

Trimfit Bodies ambassador, Fiona Falkiner

Trimfit Bodies is the new online healthy weight program for anyone at any level who wants to feel great! Easy to follow. Easy to do. Easy to Succeed. 

The Trimfit program is designed with leading dietitians, personal trainers and exercise physiologists for men and women who are busy and who may lack the resources to go to the gym, consult a PT or spend hours upon hours training.

With an easy to follow meal plan, adding just 10 minutes per day of low or high intensity exercise, listening and learning from someone who has been on the journey, such as Fiona Falkiner, and along with some tasty Trimfit supplements, you can lose weight and jump on the path to fat loss and optimal wellness.

We’re excited to bring you an offer exclusive to Katies members with Fiona Falkiner and Trimfit Bodies. 

Join today and you will receive $40 off the membership price plus 200 Katies points. 

Exclusive to Katies, everyone who signs up to go into the draw to meet with Fiona and the Trimfit Team. 

Enter code: TFBKATIES upon registration  

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