Scarf Styling with Stuart

The perfect accessory for in-between seasons, our talented buyer, Stuart shares his wealth of knowledge on ways to style a scarf.  

Having previously worked for Hermes as the UK ‘Silk Animation Specialist’ in collaboration with Harrods and Selfridges, Stuart is trained on the traditional ways to wear and tie scarves as well as contemporary styling tricks that will bring a new twist any look. 

1/ The Modern Bow
Elegant & contemporary

Step 1: fold into a narrow strip and knot around your neck
Step 2: Tie another knot but don’t pull one end all the way through to create a loop
Step 3: Fan out the fabric in the loop to create the half bow and adjust the ends as needed

2/  The Side Drape Tie
Relaxed & stylish 

Step 1: Hold two opposing corners of a rectangular scarf and fold in half along the axis
Step 2: Drape this around your neck with the bulk of the fabric to the front and loop back to front
Step 3: Tie the two corners to one side and adjust the fabric into the shape you can see here

3/ The City Knot
Smart & sleek

Step 1: Fold a rectangular scarf into a long narrow strip
Step 2: Gentle tie a knot at one end keeping the stripe very flat as you tighten it to create the triangular knot
Step 3: Drape this around your neck and adjust as necessary

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