Today we meet Kim-Marie

Tell us a bit about yourself 

Hi, I'm Kim-Marie but you can call me Kimba!  I'm an expat Kiwi who lives in the inner west of Sydney with my husband, the Welshman, and Boyo, our 10 year old son.  Before I became a personal stylist and blogger, I worked as an executive assistant and office manager.
In my downtime, I love to read, catch up with my girlfriends, have family adventures and go shopping, of course!

I love to incorporate retro cute vintage style into my outfits and my home decor.  Colour makes me happy!  I love my daily latte, a good strong cup of English Breakfast tea and I'm allergic to onion and garlic. We recently lost our pet rabbit, Mr Bunsy, and are planning to welcome two baby bunnies into our lives later in the year.

What inspired you to start Kimba Likes?

I wanted my own little piece of the internet where I could share my passion for fashion.  With encouragement from Nikki from Styling You and Andrea from Fox in Flats, Kimba Likes was born in November 2011.  It is one of the best things I've ever done!

How has fashion changed or positively impacted your life?

I have always loved fashion and style.  My love of fashion has created amazing opportunities for me, with the growing success of Kimba Likes, and my new career as a personal stylist.  The opportunity to be part of the Katies Collective is just one example.  I'm able to be there for my son before and after school, as well as being fulfilled creatively.

Seeing the confidence blossom in someone who has implemented some of my fashion tips is amazing. I just love receiving messages from people who tell me how much better they feel about themselves on the inside because my advice made them look better on the outside.

Your blog has evolved to include more than just fashion content, has this been intentional?

Kimba Likes has always been about the things Kimba Likes.  Namely, family, fashion and frivolity. The focus is definitely on fashion and beauty, but with a fun family twist.  My family are the most amazing part of who I am, and I love to share our adventures.

Where do you go for fashion news & inspiration?

I get inspired by real fashion, like the Styling You Everyday Style project on social media, street fashion and style blogs.  I also love checking out the latest runway looks in the fashion glossies, and looking at how I can incorporate my favourites into my own style.

What does your wardrobe look like? 

My wardrobe has everything from vintage 1940s cocktail hats to the latest new season key pieces.  I like to mix and match styles and eras, and there is always a quirky colourful element to my daily outfits. I love hair accessories, tough pretty style, vintage glamour and print clashing.

I don't wear a lot of black so any black pieces in my wardrobe have really earned their place by virtue of their classic design, beautiful fabrics or because they're uber flattering!

My go to style is a dress with colourful opaque tights, or skinny jeans with a striped long line tee and a colourful jacket.  Plus a hair-bow, of course!

If you could give our readers one bit of fashion advice what would it be? 

Stay true to your personal style and wear what makes you feel fabulous.  It's far better to be stylish than fashionable!  Oh, and get regular bra fittings.  Trust me on this one.  The higher the boobs, the longer your torso looks.  It's the easiest way to look like you've lost 5 kg!

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