Say hello to....Vanessa!

Let’s start by hearing a little bit about yourself…Who is Vanessa?

I am a Sydney-based blogger and business owner with a long standing devotion to fashion, design, interiors, being an entrepreneur, and everything online! I’m also a self-confessed pin-aholic!

As a child, I was buried deep into the pages of every international fashion magazine, memorising every photo and dreaming of the day where I could be involved in that world. My bedroom walls were carefully decorated with my favourite shoots from Bazaar and Vogue. (I may have even stalked a visiting supermodel or ten!)

Despite wanting a career in fashion, I completed an Economics degree at Sydney University and began a career in stockbroking at a very early age. Soon enough, my entrepreneurial desires took over, and I abandoned the markets in favour of fashion. I founded my first business (a fashion jewellery brand called ‘Glamadonna’) in 2004, which I still run today. 
Recently, I was given the opportunity to take over the reigns at the well-known fashion and style blog ‘Breakfast with Audrey’. The editorship has “completed my puzzle” so to speak, in that it combines everything I love into one format and allows me to be constantly challenged.

I am fur-parent to my mischievous kitten Aspen, and I am currently renovating my first property. I have become quite acquainted with power tools which I am also loving - (honestly!)

How did you become to be the Editor of Breakfast with Audrey?

I am always on the lookout for new challenges and had been following Breakfast with Audrey for a couple of years. When I heard that the previous editor was moving on to a new direction in the fashion industry I jumped at the opportunity to pile all of my passions together and take the website over.

What is the style mantra behind your brand?

Make it beautiful.

What do you most love about your job?

It’s cheesy, but I love everything! I really feel lucky to have the blog and I enjoy all facets of running it; from creating interesting and inspiring content, to treating our readers with giveaways, to sampling new products, meeting soooo many great people, working with brands, growing and building. There is very little about it that I don’t genuinely love.

Do you have any tips for aspiring bloggers?

Yes. Be yourself! Do not try to fit into a certain mold of “blogger” by emulating what is already out there. You’ll have more longevity and create a genuine audience if you are unique. Secondly, learn how to negotiate.

Finish this sentence: To be happy, fabulous & successful a woman should…

Be herself and follow her passions.

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