GUEST EDIT: Refresh Your Favourite Drink This Summer With Madeleine

Fresh Fruit

Try adding some fresh fruit to your drink to bring it to life. Swap the cucumber or limes from your G&T with pomegranate, watermelon or cranberry for a fun, fruity take on this classic cocktail.

Only have the frozen fruit? These are perfect for drinks like scotch and vodka to add a splash of flavour and keep them cool through the warmer weather.

Add some juice or nectar to that glass of sparkling to not only dilutes those bubbles but also switches up the flavour.

Frozen Flavour Cubes

Add some frozen flavour cubes to your traditional vodka and soda. Super easy to make, simply pop some flowers, herbs or chopped pieces of fruit into your ice cube tray, top up with water (or juice if you prefer!) and pop into the freezer.

Perfect for parties these colourful pops of flavour are perfect for any drinks you’re serving and look gorgeous out!

Sangria Station

If you’re looking to make things relatively simple for a summer BBQ or party and want to offer one drink but still make it fun, why not try a sangria station?

Chill both your red and white wine and pop them beside a fruit juice or two and some cut fruit. Think limes, oranges, apples and berries and a big bunch of mint.

Cater for your non-drinking guests with lemonade or pre-sweetened iced tea available for mixing also.

Guests can then create their own flavour combination of red or white sangria, an easy and entertaining focal point for any party.

Summer Spiders

Perfect for kids (and adults!) a good spider always works well. If you’re entertaining adults and children, why not set up a sangria and a spider bar to keep every taste bud happy?

Keep the ice cream nestled in a big bowl of ice (or scoop them into a glass straight from the freezer and direct them over if easier!) and let them experiment with different cordials and candy. Everyone needs a treat now and again right?

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