Race Day Beauty

Hi Beauties,

Spring Racing season is here! In other words, its time to find gorgeous floaty frocks, call together your best gal pals and help each other perfect beautiful race day faces.

Theres a very fine line between amazing race day makeup, and some rather woeful looks. What CAN pull a beautifully made up face into dangerous territory is when either too little or too much makeup is applied.

Spring Racing beauty is all about accentuating your most gorgeous features, youre allowed to have a little more fun and be brave when track side - so dont wear your familiar and safe 9-5 work makeup.

On the same note, avoid black eyeshadows, super glittery bronzers and thick cat eye flicks thanks to liquid eyeliner - although the above look very glamorous at nighttime, they can appear too heavy for a day time soiree at the races.

The most fail safe makeup look that will suit every skin, hair and eye colour is a polished red lip, a sultry brown smokey eye and natural looking false eyelashes - all eyes will be on you!

Follow my steps below to get the look:

1.    Its true what they say. Not to prime IS a crime, especially when youll be outdoors all day in the sun. I suggest a quick smear of NP Sets Brightening Pre-Foundation Primer ($33 Purchase here) on clean skin. It will help your foundation to stay all day.

2.    Next prime your eyelids, this look requires a brown smokey eye so a eyeshadow primer is essential - otherwise you wont just be gambling on the horses on race day, but with how far your eyeshadow will slide off your lids. I love Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight, ($26 Purchase here).

3.    Time to create gorgeous skin without a blemish in sight. Im currently in love with Elizabeth Ardens Flawless Finish Sponge On Cream Makeup, ($40.60 Purchase here). I use a kabuki blending brush to buff the cream in. This foundation offers fabulous coverage that will last all day, it also covers even the most dark blemishes.
4.    Now, its time to frame your face. Take Beccas Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed Powders in Moonstone (the illuminator) and Topaz (the bronzer) ($60 each Purchase here). Start with Topaz and carefully contour the bronze shade under your cheekbones and softly around your hair line for a sun kissed look. With Moonstone, the illuminator, brush the powder across the top of your cheek and brow bones.

5.    Next, take Models Prefer Essential Brow Kit ($12.99 Purchase here). With a small bristled brush, carefully draw in your brows with the natural brown pigment. Statement arches are a must for this look.
6.    Taking a small blending brush, open up M.A.Cs pressed eyeshadow pigment in Arena ($33 Purchase here), its a stunning matte bronze shade. Swipe it all over your eyelid up until your natural crease. Make sure to blend, blend, blend so that there are no harsh lines.

7.    Grabbing CK Ones eyeshadow in Driven, ($30 Purchase here) a deep brown chocolate with a hint of sparkle, with a small clean brush pop the pigment on the outer corner of the eyelid socket creating a clean V shape. Take another clean brush and buff this dark shade into the bronze colour we applied earlier to create a stunning smokey eye.

8.    Take Rimmel Londons Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Crayon in Witness White ($6.47 Purchase here) and line your bottom waterline and the inner corner of your eye. With a clean finger blot the white shade until it looks natural.

9.    With the tiny brush you used above for the dark chocolate, run the bristles (that still have the dark pigment on them) under your bottom lash line to open up your eyes.

10.  Take Ardells Demi False eyelashes in Natural 120 ($9.99 link Purchase here) and apply them to your upper eyelashes. My number one tip is to always apply a neat line of glue and wait at least 1 minute before you even think of sticking them on. You want the glue to become tacky so that your false eyelashes adhere straight away. It makes the job so much easier!

11.  Once your eyelashes have set, take Nude by Natures Liquid Mineral Concealer ($19.95 Purchase here) and pop a little bit under your under eye bags to clean up any fall out from your dark eyeshadow. Blend the concealer out with a small buffing brush.
12.  Take The Balms Body Builder Mascara ($24.95 Purchase here) and swipe a few lashings on your upper and bottom eyelashes.

13.  Lastly, pick up Maybelline New Yorks Colorsensational Bold Matte lipstick in Mat5 ($16.95 Purchase here)- a stunning cherry red. Give your puckers two coats of the hue. This lipstick will last you all day and looks stunning on light and dark complexions.

Thats it pretty peacocks. If you create this look for yourself for an upcoming race meet make sure to tag @katiesfashion and @sarahwhat_bb!

Sarah xx

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