Race Day Hair Styles - The "S" Wave

Special guest edit from the lovely Paul Bedggood – our fave make-up artist here at Katies!
He shows us four key hair styles that will keep you looking polished on race day
– or any other occasion for that matter!

How to create an "S" Wave through your hair for that special occasion

Step 1. 
Start off with your hair dry and is good to wash the day before as this will hold better as apposed to it being squeaky clean .

Step 2.
You need a conical tong to create this look . Included is a picture of this tong , it is larger at one end and doesn’t have a clamp on it which in turn makes it more user friendly.

Step 3.
I use a sectioning clip to section hair up out the way and start from the bottom of nape and work my way up through the back then move forward .

Step 4.
The smaller your sections are the tighter the wave will be . I normally create sections of about an inch in thickness and width. Spray each section with hairspray before tonging .

Step 5.
To Create the S motion , I wrap the hair around the conical tong from base to ends holding the ends with you fingers so it doesn’t come off the tong . Should only need to hold it on the tong for 5 - 10 secs,  I wrap the hair onto the tong on both sides of the head , away from the face . By wrapping hair in the same direction this will create the S shape. So Left side wrap same direction back to middle of head and the right side the other direction always wrapping away from face …

Step 6.
Once all your hair is tonged allow to cool . This is the perfect time to put your face on , either a smokey socket or great poppy lip to go with your outfit .

Step 7.
Then using a wide tooth comb like an afro comb , brush your hair out from ends to root , this then will create a gorgeous wave through your and you will be ready for the races . If you want to create     more bounce and texture with this look , flip your head upside down and shake your fingers through the roots and then come up and your should have a bit wilder vavavoom hair.

Have a great one my darlings , make me proud and enjoy your new do’s , Happy Racing Ladies 

 Cheers Paulie xxx

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