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Life, for all of us is well, super busy.

We dash from day-to-day, with to-do list’s a plenty, trying to jam-pack as much in to each and everyday as possible.

On top of that, we still have to think about what we are going to wear.
Hard work? Yes, it can be.

Sometimes, I can forget how simple it is to change an outfit with accessories…yes, me.
Even I can get caught in a rut too.

Grabbing the same things for quickness, because its easy/or because you’re probably madly in love with them.

Means we ignore a high percentage of our wardrobe – please tell me I’m not the only one?
Which unfortunately leads to the rest of our clobber feeling left out, patiently waiting on the sidelines, begging to be noticed.

But sometimes the simple things can look the most effective.

Start with the basics.

My go-to favourite piece of clothing has always been jeans.
I just love them.

Jeans and a white tee are the best starting block for any wardrobe.

Every girl deserves to own a great pair of jeans (or Ms. Jeans’ comfy sister Ms. Jegging).
They don’t need to cost a fortune, but the do need to feel a million bucks.

I just refuse to be uncomfortable in my jeans these days.

Mid-High Rise are my favourite, with an added touch of stretch for comfort if you don’t mind!

To go with those fabulous jeans, there is nothing nicer than a cracking white tee – which gives you the basis of a perfect outfit.


If you manage to nail the fit and cut of a white tee, my advice is simple: buy a couple…take this from someone who has learned their lesson.

I prefer my tee’s to be v-neck, made of good quality cotton or linen with a touch of stretch and a crisp ice-white finish – but they are super-difficult to find.

Hence, when I do find one I absolutely adore, I wear it to death – then go into a blind panic to try to find another.

I’m in that looking stage now…if by any chance you see a fab cotton v-neck that’s not too baggy, can you let me know?

As I mentioned in this post these Katies jeans are sublime to wear. They tick all my boxes.
My bloggy mate Kimbalikes swears by them too.

Anyway, now I’ve set the stage – let’s add some pizzazz!

Tell me you love a trench as much as I do?

They are so versatile and hide a multitude of sins I’m the clumsy one, that always manages to spill stuff down herself. They are the perfect cover-up.

Although the trench is one of the main Autumnal must-haves – I have loved them forever.
My wardrobe is never without one.

Back in the Motherland – I had trench’s a plenty. In every colour you can imagine.
So this lightweight one from Katies was right up my street.

The Accessories Edit
Katies Trench* (no longer online but still available in some stores)

Weight-wise, its perfect around these parts BUT it could easily be layered if there is a nip-in-the-air in your neck of the woods.

A trench is the perfect accessory to change-up many an outfit and one that should never be forgotten as an accessory.

Yep, you heard me accessory. That’s what a trench is to me.

Throw it over your shoulders for an instant hit of cool sophistication.
It will quite simply transform your outfit.

Another A/W must-have is the blanket wrap.

The Accessories Edit
Zig Zac Wrap $49.95 * Katies

Now I love my scarves, so I guess it was a no-brainer, that I would fall for the blanket wrap.

Again, just like the trench, throw it over your shoulders Mexican Rancher Style or belt it for a more form-fitting look.

But whatever you do, don’t underestimate the statement just one wrap can make to an outfit.

Think zero to hero in a second flat – same with the trench.

They just work.

Or why not treat yourself to some new jewellery.

Jewellery has streamlined itself this season.

It’s delicate and lightweight – but that doesn’t mean that its understated appearance looks any less special.

Cute and geometric is everywhere and basically goes with everything!

The Accessory Edit
Cut Out Shape Necklace $29.95 * Katies

Or how about adding a Tribal feel, I love earthy-muted palettes to jazz up a simple outfit?

IMG_5282 close-up

Necklace from Katies – check in store to see when this piece will arrive.

I’ve tried to show this how the blanket wrap stays on when I’m moving around (it really does stay in place) plus a couple of extra trench pic’s too.

So next time you feel like your wardrobe is in need of an injection of something different, take a moment to ask yourself if a few key accessories pieces might just do the trick.

If you see a fabulous scarf, belt, shoes, jewellery or bag that is love-at-first-sight – snap it up!

Your wardrobe passion will be sparked in a heartbeat.

Are you an accessories girl? Have you added a blanket wrap, trench or cape to your A/W wardrobe?

* These items were gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy.


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