Mother's Day | Sonia Interview

Katies Brand Director | Mother of 2, Lewis 14 & Zoey, 11

What has given you the most joy as a mother?
Seeing my kids reach the many milestones that happen as they
grow, saying their first word, making a new best friend
or getting an A on a school project.

Best approach to style vs motherhood? 
Same advice whether you’re a mother or not, make sure you
feel good in whatever you wear and always wear it with
confidence. Don’t follow every trend.

What was the most surprising thing about becoming a mum? 
The complete unconditional love you have for your kids and
they have for you. Also, that they are great to hang out with.

Best lesson your mum gave you? 
“Don’t waste your worry - don’t worry about things that
might happen, focus on the present.”

Best advice for maintaining a work/motherhood balance? 
Understand what your non-negotiables are and stick to them.
Trust what your instinct is telling you.

What does Mother’s Day mean to you? 
A day to celebrate my mum and reflect on how lucky I am to
have my family.

What’s your ideal way to spend Mother’s Day?
Breakfast in bed whilst slowly reading the paper, then a lunch
with my family, finished off with watching a movie at home
with my two beautiful kids with popcorn!

Chicest mum you know? 
My best friend Mel, she always looks amazing.

What’s the most amazing thing about being a mum?
That there are 2 people on this earth that came from you
and the way they look up to you is incredible.

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