We are big markers of any occasion around here and Mother's Day is firmly fixed on the celebration agenda each year. This has nothing at all to do with the fact that I am a mother and stand to personally gain from being made the focus of attention on said day.
No, nothing at all.
I also poo-poo the naysayers who cry commercialisation and ask why shouldn't we celebrate the mums in our life EVERY day?
I'd be all for this everyday celebration idea but, in reality, it just wouldn't happen, would it?
Instead, why not dedicate one day in the calendar year for really taking time out and acknowledging the role we play in our kids' lives?
Because, if you're a mum, then I'm here to tell you deserve it. You're all kinds of awesome.

Even on the most challenging of parenting days, you are someone's person. A person they have loved from the very first moment they met you.

Mother's Day Outfit Inspiration

The fringed poncho is definitely the hero piece of this outfit. I cannot own enough of these show-pony pieces as they lift an outfit up about six notches just by throwing them over a basic jeans and tee outfit.

Knitwear is a fabulous gift idea for Mother's Day as it will be starting to cool down and the mum in your life might be able to immediately get wear out of your gift.
I've sized down a size in this - something I always test when buying over-sized pieces. The idea is that with so much fabric in a piece, your typical size can be overwhelming on you. Sizing down lessens that.

The texture of this knit is a great contrast to jeans and the tassels are a fun finish to the hem line.
Do check out the Love K jewellery in store at the moment - so many on-trend designs for prices that would make ideal gifts. I love the layered bar design of this necklace for wearing long over a block of colour or texture like this poncho.

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  1. Hi There, hope you have a happy mothers day!! The poncho looks lovely on you, I would like to purchase one online as I live in the country. I would be the same size as you, what size are you wearing so I can purchase one :)Jodie

  2. Hi Jodie, thanks for your comment. Nikki Parkinson is wearing a size Medium in the poncho. Thanks, Katies