Whenever I’m buying a gift for someone, there’s always one word that dominates my thoughts…

Besides being one of my favourite words in the English language, it’s also the word I live to hear when someone unwraps a gift I’ve chosen for them.
Even the person who would never normally utter the word can’t help but exclaim, “It’s fabulous!” when you give them something they really love.

So with Mother’s Day on the horizon, it’s time to turn my gift giving gaze towards the fabulous women in my life who are mums but most of all, my friends.

Women like my mother-in-law, Carolyn.

Little did I realise when I met my husband, I would also gain a great friend in the form of Carolyn.
Not only is she an incredibly kind, giving and thoughtful person, she’s also a lot of fun to spend time with. We can chat for hours over a cup of tea (or glass of bubbles) and we both share a love of the fabulous things in life.

Things like fashion, naturally!

Carolyn is a Katies fan just like me, so you can guarantee that’s exactly where I’ll be heading this year to buy her gift.

I’m thinking a gift card could be just the ticket, so that we can have a lovely girls’ day out with some shopping at Katies together, followed by lunch and a cheeky glass of something sparkling.
What I’ll be wearing this Mother’s Day

For me, when it comes to Mother’s Day, I like to wear an outfit that’s comfortable and fairly casual, yet still stylish and on-trend. And Katies fits the bill.

At this time of year, the weather in my hometown of Adelaide can be quite unpredictable, so this is when I call upon the magic of layering.

I start with a never-fail base of jeans that are fitted and flattering, but with just the right amount of stretch to enjoy lunch. Add to that a gorgeous lightweight grey knit top with white and grey chiffon detail along the hem, for a feminine touch. Next up, a little bit of bling in the form of a statement necklace. And finally, the finishing touches of a luxuriously soft check scarf, felt fedora hat and boho crossbody bag with tassel detail.

Et voila, I’m ready for a fabulous Mother’s Day lunch!

Mother's Day Outfit Inspiration 

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