Katies Just Got Cool | Written by Paula Joye


This month, I’ve been working with iconic Australian fashion brand Katies on the launch of a new direction for the label.

And you know how much I love a reinvention.

I’ll be honest: it had been a very long time since I’d even been into a Katies store.

Even longer, since I’d bought or worn anything from the label.

But their new Autumn Winter collection turned my preconceptions on their head.

Pastel pink overcoats, duster jackets, skinny jeans, slouchy knits…it’s a collection full of great winter staples.

I’m a long time supporter of high street fashion because I passionately believe that style should be accessible to everyone.

To me, clever dressing is about mixing inexpensive with investment buys and this new direction from Katies goes a long way to helping you trial trends for less.

Here’s a look at the campaign shoot – props to Katies for using an older, real person alongside a glamourous, genetically gifted model – and the AW 2015 range.

But really, you should go in store – see the changes, feel the clothes, rediscover it for yourself…because Katies just got covetable.


The Skinny Jean.


Time to move on from pale, baggy and ripped to shreds.

This season you need a pair of sleek flared jeans and pair of these.

Dark-wash, skinny cut with just a hint of distress and cuffs you can roll.

It takes classics like this tweed jacket and slogan tee and toughens them right up.

CLICK TO BUY: Katies Distressed Skinny Jean, $59.95

The Sleeveless Sweater.


You all clapped your hands and said ‘Yes, thanks” when I wore the pale grey cousin of this sweater last month.

I may love the black even more.

Really, I’m just a sucker for a chunky knit that shows a bit of shoulder…
Buy both (black available in May)

The Long Line Vest.


Yes, yes, yes.

This is a hard working piece in any wardrobe.

Team it with a t-shirt or soft blouse or wear it like me with a singlet and skinny jeans.

Available now in taupe, black to follow in May.

CLICK TO BUY: Katies Longline Vest, $59.95

The Pastel Coat.


This is the piece that started my collaboration journey.

I fell in love with its pastel pink prettiness. It changed my whole opinion of the brand.

It doesn’t hit stores until early May – I will let you know when it does, but I had to share so you can factor into your winter purchases.

It’s $150.

The Soft Jacket.


This is the track top getting an urban make-over.

In soft, eggshell cream with nice hardware and zips, this jacket can be worn casually (as above) or you can use it as a substitute for your favourite work jacket.

CLICK TO BUY: Katies Crop Blouson Jacket, $69.95


I fell a little bit in love with these track pants too.

Watch out Saturday Sport – this outfit and I are coming for you.

CLICK TO BUY: Katies Space Dye Lounge Pant, $19.95

The Geometric Trench.


Bold pattern, soft structure – throw this over anything.

It’s a dress up your jeans and dress down your LBD kind a jacket.

One, two three…done.

The Biker Jacket.


I wore this jacket in grey last month and have had so many emails and social post comments about it.

I get it – the shape, the colour, the price.

This is its sister, in traditional black.

You need a biker. You just do.

It also comes in plum and taupe.

Full permission to buy all four colours.

CLICK TO BUY: Katies PU Biker Jacket, $89.95, Katies Long Sleeve Placement Pullover, $49.95

Watch The Video.


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